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Outlook do not save emails on the server when, Receive email from internet.

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I have a email account on internet email (webmail and gmail account), I have configured on outlook 2007. but i press F9 for receive email on outlook it will works properly but when i try to see email on website like gmail.com or other webmail website then i unable to find any emails.

please suggest, how i can save my email on website also.
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Yes you can set this,

Actually all the Microsoft outlook version has facility to delete email from mail server when it receive or delete after define (14/15/16) days.

This setting is available when you configure a email account or you can also set this by edit after configure email.

Go to edit email account from your outlook in account settings section, Then click on more settings \ Go to advance tab \ In Delivery section you can see the option "Leave a copy of message on server" Tick there and click apply and ok.
See the below images

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