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I am trying to access remote desktop of windows XP from windows 7 Computer, whenever remote desktop is enable from windows XP computer.
I am using windows server 2003 active directory
User has already members of “Remote Desktop Group/Build-in” But I am unable to take remote see the below error.

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This error occurred on workgroup and domain environment both.
If you are not an administrator and try to use the Remote Desktop Connection tool, you may receive this error. This issue occurs because the user account is not a member of the local Remote Desktop Users group.

First verify and add the user member of remote desktop group, if it has done. Then verify/add administrator group member, If you cannot add the administrator group, you need to add this as member of remote desktop group from local computer, which you want to access.
If you are in domain environment then you should go to local computer add search domain user and add the member.

1) Go to local computer
2) Access computer management and Expend user and local group,
3) Click on Group, and Go to propertise of Remote Desktop Users Group
3) Find and Add your Domain user which can take RDP of this System
4) Now to access Remote desktop of windows XP PC from windows 7

-Or- You can also use Microsoft fixit by click here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/289289

If you would be like to personal help, Email at support@networkingstudy.net

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