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users can log into them while they are doing research server 2k8

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Jason is the administrator of a Windows 2008 network.  He manages five Windows 2008 servers, one of which functions as a file server for three departments. Lately, he is faced with two separate problems. First, a research library was just put into the building. It has two computers running Windows 7, and users can log into them while they are doing research. They are automatically connected to a home directory on the server where the users can create documents based on their research findings. However, the users are finding that, when they move from the computers in their offices to the research computers, they have to reset their desktops, and if they create a shortcut on their office computers, they have to create the same shortcut on the research machines. The users are asking for a solution to this problem.
The second issue is one that the users are not complaining about (yet), but that is becoming a problem for Jason. The users’ home folders are stored on the file server. He periodically checks storage use and finds that some users are consuming a disproportionate amount of hard drive space on the server. In addition, this space usage is increasing dramatically over time. When he investigates, he finds that many users are downloading quite a large quantity of game demos and pictures, and these items are creating most of the storage consumption.
Jason wants to be able to provide for the ongoing storage needs of the users while enforcing an upper limit on the amount of space any one user can consume. He also wants to be able to separate each department so that if the users in one department consume the maximum amount of space, that will not overrun the free space available to the users in another department. He currently has two hard drives with capacities of 100GB and 200GB, and he would like to allocate 100GB to each department.
•   You have been called in to analyze this situation and make recommendations.
•   Explain how you would implement a similar scenario using UNIX?