What’s new and latest features in Microsoft IIS 8.5

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IIS 8.5 is available by default only With the release of the new version of Windows Server 2012 R2, And New updates of Windows 8.1.

In this version of IIS 8.5 microsoft has added some new features which is below.

  • Manageability - Logging Enhancements

  • Manageability - ETW Events

  • Scalability - Dynamic site activation

  • Scalability - Idle Worker Process Page-out


Manageability - Logging Enhancements


Manageability - ETW Events (Event Tracing for Windows)


Scalability - Dynamic site activation

When you are hosting a lot of web sites (100s) in IIS version 6/7/7.5, you may have experienced some noticable time when loading the IIS configuration file.  When WAS runs it will load the configuration for all web sites hosted on the server.  In IIS 8.5 a new more optimized process has been implemented to improve the performance of this activity.

Scalability - Idle Worker Process Page-out

When the worker process is requested for the first time the binaries need to be compiled, and for some web applications this can take some time.  This compilation is often referred to as warming-up or starting-up the application.  If you choose to Suspend the worker process when it times-out instead of terminating it, you can avoid this warm-up process from happening in this context.


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