How to delete Cache, Cookies, History, Autosaved data, In-Private Browsing data, Password in Internet Explorer and Other Internet Browser

INTERNET EXPLORER - How to delete cach and cookies from IE
To Delete Cache and cookies in Internet Explorer 6
  • On the Menu bar, click the Tools menu at the top of your browser,
          and select Internet Options.
  • Click the General tab at the top of the dialogue box.
  • Click Delete Files under Temporary Internet files.
  • Select Delete all offline content by checking the box.
  • Click OK.
To Delete Cache and cookies in Internet Explorer 7
  • On the menu bar, click Tools | Internet Options.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Click Delete under Browsing History.
  • Under Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Files.
  • Click Delete Cookies.
  • Click OK.

To Delete Cache and cookies in Internet Explorer 8

  • Go to Safety menu on the top of the IE 8 browser page
  • Untick or uncheck Preserve Favorite Website Data checkbox
  • Put a tick against Temporary Internet Files check box (it is initially in the ticked)
  • Put a tick against Cookies (it is initially in the ticked)
  • In fact as if you have to delete the complete cache, keep the Form Data, Passwords and InPrivate Filtering Data checkboxes in ticked state.
  • Click the Delete button
  • Wait until the computer completes the processing


To Delete Cache and cookies in Firefox for windows
  • Click the Tools menu at the top of your browser and select Clear Private Data…
  • Select the Cookies and Cache checkboxes.
  • Click Clear Private Data Now.
  • In the new version of Firefox, it is Tools | Clear Recent History
  • Select the Time range to clear (Everything is the better option to clear all the memories!) and click onClear Now
To Delete Cache and cookies in Firefox for Mac
  • Click the Firefox menu at the top of your browser and select Preferences…
  • Select the Privacy tab.
  • Click Clear Now… at the bottom of the dialogue box.
  • Check the boxes next to Cache and Cookies in the new dialogue box.
  • Click Clear Private Data Now
  • If it is the new version of Firefox, it can be Clear Recent History without the checkboxes for Cookies and Cache separately


To Delete Cache in Safari
  • Open the Safari menu on your browser's toolbar.
  • Select Empty Cache.
  • Click Empty in the dialogue box.
To Delete Cookies in Safari
  • Go to Edit | Preferences Security tab
  • Select Show Cookies
  • Select Remove all
  • Confirm by clicking Yes
  • Select Done


To Delete Cache and cookies in Google Chrome
  • On the top right hand side of the browser click the settings toolbar 
  • Select the Clear browsing data
  • Keep all the checkboxes checked in order to delete complete browsing history, cache, cookies, passwords and form data. If you wish to keep the history of your browsed web pages, in order to refer in the future, just untick the Clear browsing history checkbox.
  • Select Clear data from this period : as Everything (you can select depending on your preferences, but I suggest to clear all the memories out!)
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data button and let the computer process the clearing.


To Delete Cache in Opera
  • Go to File menu | Preferences | History and cache
  • To clear browsing history (visited web pages), click the Clear boxes in front of Typed in addresses and Visited addresses one after the another.
  • In order to clear the cache and cookies, check the Cache documentsCache images and Cache other checkboxes with keeping the Empty on exit unchecked.
  • Click the empty Now button in front of the Disk cache dropdown in order to delete the cache instantly.
To Delete cookies Opera 9
  • Open the Tools menu.
  • Select Delete private data
  • Click the Details button
  • Select Delete cookies.
  • Click Delete.
To Delete cookies Opera 8.x
  • Open the Tools menu.
  • Select Preferences to open Dialog box.
  • Open the Advanced tab.
  • Select Cookies
  • Click the Manage Cookies button.
  • Select one or more cookies you want to delete and click the Delete button


To Delete Cookies and Cache in Netscape Navigator 9.x
  • Select Tools | Clear Private Data
  • Keep the CacheCookies and Saved Passwords check boxes ticked.
  • If you wish to delete all the Private data including the browsing history, download history and form data, let all the checkboxes be ticked.
  • Click on the Clear Private Data Now button
To Delete Cookies and Cache Netscape 8.x
  • Select Tools | Options.
  • Select Privacy
  • Click the Clear button next to Cookies area and Cache area
  • If you want to delete certain cookies, click the View cookies button. Select one or more cookies you want to delete and click the Remove button.
  • Also, click the Clear button next to Passcard Manager in order to delete the login history (username and passwords)
  • In fact if you want to delete the complete browsing datapasswordsdownload history, cookies and cache all at one time, just click the Clear All button at the top right corner of the box.
  • Click OK

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