The Website Owner, Administrator and Publish by Mr. Kumar. This website is very use full for Networking (N+), Hardware (A+), Desktop Support, MCSE & CCNA Student. Because in this site lots of relevant study article related computer and server and step by step troubleshooting and FAQ related to :--

Computer Hardware

  Ø SMPS, Motherboard, Processor, RAM, HDD, DVD, Printer etc

Network (Topology, OSI Model) Cabling & Device

 Ø Router, Switch, Hub, Modem, Firewall Confi., VLAN,Routing

Windows Networking

 Ø    Microsoft Windows Networking on Win.-XP, Vista and Win-7, Outlook and MS-Outlook, Internet Explorer

Windows Server 2003/2008

 Ø    DNS, DHCP,Active Directory, VPN, FTP, Wsus, NAT, IIS & etc 

MS Exchange Server 2003 & 2007

 Ø Installing, Configuration Create Mail & Manging etc

Free Download

 Ø Free Software Download and Get More Important link


 Computer Hardware

Cabinet     System Unit     SMPS     ATX SMPS Color code      SMPS Circut

     Cabinet                        System Unit                         SMPS                ATX Colour Code             SMPS Circuit

Motherboard     Processor     RAM     Harddisk     CD ROM

    Motherboard                    Processor                 RAM-DDR & SD               Hard Disk                      CD/DVD

Networking Device, Tools, Cabling: -

Computer Networking     Network Topology     OSI Model     Straight Cable     Cross Cable     Climping Tool

Computer Netw. Network Topology        OSI Model        Stright Cable Code Cross Cable Code     Climping Tool

Pinching Tool     Cable Tester     LAN Cable     HUB     24 Port Switch    Router

  Pinching Tool         Cable Tester             Lan Cable             Netgear Hub       24-Port Switch             Router

LinkSYS WIFI    Sonicwall Firewall    Cisco Router     LAN Card    Network Coneection    VOIP router Setup

  Linksys WIFI     Sonicwall Firewall     Cisco Router              Lan Card       Network Connection     VOIP Setup


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